Birth Story - Sarah and Millie: How Yoga Supported me During Birth


Mum: Sarah

Baby: Millie

Millie Maisie Davies was born on Wednesday 17th October weighing 8lbs. I decided to go ahead with the stretch and sweep on Tuesday 16th, and it kick-started things within a couple of hours - back ache only at first, with the mild contractions starting by 4pm. We stayed at home with a bath, candles, low lighting and snoozes until midnight when my waters broke.

She arrived just before midday on the 17th and I wanted to let you know how helpful I found the yoga positions, breathing techniques, ooh/om and generally keeping upright/moving. Neil was also great at the supported crawl position and forward lean that we learnt in partners yoga!

Looking forward to starting mum and baby yoga when we can!