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Birth Story - Zeppelin George and Emma: When Birth Doesn't Follow your Birth Plan (and why that's okay)

I haven't been to class for a couple of weeks so you may have guessed, our little one made an unexpected and early appearance. I wanted to tell you the story of how it all happened because you played such a huge part in my pregnancy and getting me into the head space that allowed me to cope with what came next.

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Birth Story - Yoga Breathing and Getting in the Zone

Daisy Beatrix Amber Sutton was born on 23/02/2016 at 8.28am in birthing pool at Brighton hospital, weighing 8lbs1oz. The pool and midwives were lovely! Marc was great, supplying me with countless cups of water (and tissues, yes I had a rotten cold!). Using gas & air and doing yoga breathing/oo-ing is thirsty work!

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Pregnancy Diary Week 16: Midwife Appointment, Home Birth

This week I had my 16 week check-up, which was my third midwife appointment. So far for this pregnancy, I met with my GP around six weeks and then had an initial meeting with my midwife at eight weeks, followed by the more in depth booking in appointment at ten weeks and then my scan, which happened at 13 weeks. So pretty brilliant and consistent care all in all. God bless the NHS.

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What to Expect...After a C-Section

So, you've had, or are going to have, a Caesarian section. It may not be what you'd hoped or planned for, but the reality is that around a quarter of births in the UK today are by section – and there's surprisingly little advice and information out there for women about what to expect afterwards. I've had three – 2 emergency sections and an elective (planned) section. Here are my top tips:

1) Having a section, especially an emergency section, can be a big shock to the system – physically but, even more, psychologically.

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